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What was the Globe Theatre?

The Globe Theatre was a theatre in London, England. The Globe was  built in 1599 using timber from an earlier theatre. It was built by  members of William Shakespeare's play (MORE)

What does the globe theatre look like?

It is a huge circle seating area looking down onto the stage where the actors would of played there characters. There are no nails or glue used but the peices are just slotted (MORE)

Does the Globe Theatre still exist?

No. The globe theater was destroyed in the fire of 1613. It was rebuild but closed at 1642. There is a modern globe theater reconstructed in 1997.
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Why was the globe theatre round?

The Globe Theater was not round but actually a polygon. It has 20  sides to it. The reason for this was so that more people were able  to get a good view of the rectangular (MORE)

Which theatres were competing with the globe theatre?

There were a few known theatres around, including the Rose Theatre just down the street from the Globe, and the Hope and Swan, also in Southwark. Quite often companies perform (MORE)

What theatre was rival to the Globe theatre?

A theater farther up the Thames river called The Rose and another even further west called the Swan were the Globe's main competition south of the river. The main competitors (MORE)

When Did the Globe Theatre get rebuild?

After the Globe Theatre burned down on June 29, 1613, it was immediately rebuilt with a slightly different design and ready for action the next year, 1614. After the second Gl (MORE)