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What is Haiti?

Answer Haiti is a country on an island called Hispanola in the Caribbean. On the other half of the island, the Domincan Republic is established. But even though it's the same (MORE)
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How do you get to haiti?

Haiti is not a foreign poverished land on another planet. You can easily get there by either international plane or even a cruise just the same way you can get to maybe Jamaic (MORE)
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What is there to do in haiti?

There is so much to do in Haiti. The cultural sites are  magnificent. Ride a horse up to the Citadelle Laferriere, the  largest fortress in the Americas whom many consider t (MORE)
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What can you do in haiti?

The best thing to do when you go to haiti is visit all the beautiful sites and taste their food. The elegant town called Jacmel has beautiful old palaces to visit while the Mu (MORE)
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What can you do for Haiti?

Beside from going to haiti and helping yourself, you could Donate to Oxfam or send aid boxes with basic medical equipment and food and water
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Did Haiti have a fires?

no duh; every place on earth has earthquakes and with the recent earthquake in 2010 with haiti we all know that ovbiously you were being stupid asking this question. why would (MORE)