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What is mean by hinders?

to hinder means to cripple, interfear, get in the way of, damage...basically if i were to say that "Getting pulled over by a cop would serverly hinder my chances of being on t (MORE)
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How did hinder get this name?

The band members were getting frustrated because they could not come up with a name for their band. They looked up the word "frustrated" in the dictionary and "hinder" was one (MORE)

What does hinderring mean?

It's means you are stopping something happen or stopping someone from doing something. For example: you are hindering my journey because you are in my way

What is mean by hindering?

This is not usually a cooking term. If it is used in a recipe it might as a tip to get a better result. For instance: "Rinse the whole chicken, then pat dry with paper towels (MORE)

What are the tenses for hinder?

Past tense - hindered. Present tense - I/you/we/they hinder. He/she/it hinders. Future tense - will hinder.
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Is hinder a noun?

No, the word 'hinder' is a verb , meaning to make slow ordifficult; to impede progress. The word 'hinder' is also the comparative form of theadjective 'hind'. The noun fo (MORE)