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What was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust The Holocaust (with a capital H) refers to thegenocide (mass murder) of about six million Jews by the Nazis in1941-1945 (during World War 2). It was the so-calle (MORE)

When was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust refers specifically to the Nazi genocide of the Jews. This is generally dated as 1941 to 1945 and took place in World War 2. Of course, before the star (MORE)

When and where was the Holocaust?

Basic when and where of the Holocaust Timespan of genocide (mass murder): 1941-1945. Locations: in Nazi occupied Europe. The extermination camps were nearly all in Nazi (MORE)

Who was at the Holocaust?

1. Let's rephrase the Question. The Holocaust was an event, not a place.. 2. Behind the whole scheme was the Nazi's, or sometimes refered to as the German Workers' Party.. 3 (MORE)

When and what was the Holocaust?

The holocaust official began on the night called Kristallnacht. There were also rules that lead up to this day forbidding Jews or some certain rights. In the end the holocuas (MORE)

Who was in Holocaust?

There weren't just jews. They killed everyone which Hitler thought to be inferior. Like Gypsies, disabled people, jews, Communists, socialists, etc.

What was and when was the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was the murder of 6 million European Jews, and 5 million Gentiles during World War 2. It started in 1941 and ended when world war 2 ended. The start date and e (MORE)

What was the Holocaust was?

The Holocaust was the systematic mass murder of Jews and other 'inferiors' during World War II. Jews were rounded up, transported to camps, and worked to death or killed.