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What about Islam?

Islam is submission to God. It is the religion since start of universe creation and is the mission of all God prophets although having different names. Refer to question below (MORE)
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Who is Islam?

Islam is a religion, not a person. There are certain people with the last name Islam, but since this is a common last name, without more specifics, more information cannot be (MORE)
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What is Islamism?

Islamism is a newly invented term by western media and politicians. It is used to mean excessive following of Islam. It is used to mock the people who strictly follow their re (MORE)
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What is an islam?

Answer 1 Islam is not an object, but rather it is a religion. As of July, 2014, almost a quarter of the people are currently following the Islamic ways. Many of those are lo (MORE)

What is Islamic?

"Islamic" means related to Islam, the religion founded by Muhammad. ___________________________________________________________ It is the adjective of Islam. Islam is God (MORE)
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Is Islam in?

Islam in not something that should be in or out. Islam is the faith of around one quarter of world population. A religion has no need to be "in" or "out." Islam is a way of (MORE)
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What is Islam?

Answer Islam is an Arabic word that means submission and surrender to God.In this sense Islam began by the universe creation where all Godcreatures were created under their s (MORE)
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What Islam about?

ISLAM is best and true religion..... it was even present when earth was created and took the final shape when Holy Prophet hazrat Muhammad sallalaho alaihi wasallam arrived... (MORE)
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When did Islam from?

Islam started by start of universe creation. refer to question below. The basic beliefs of Islam are: 1. There is NO god, but Almighty God 9Allah in Arabic). He is the Sol (MORE)
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How do you get to Islam?

Better you first study Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In fact, Islam is the continuation of these two religions. As you move from a school to a college and then to a Univers (MORE)