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What is not an Islamic belief?

All what is against the teachings of Quran and prophet Muhammad Sunnah (sayings and practices) are not belonging to Islamic beliefs. For example. Quran says that Allah (God (MORE)

Where is Islam?

Islam is a religion and not a location. Islam religion began in  Arabia 1400 years ago but has spread all throughout the world since  then. Islam is the world's second large (MORE)

Scope of Islamic banking in Islam?

Includes all the normal stuff excluding "Interest", which is forbidden. "Loans" are discouraged but not forbidden, to prevent fraud and dishonesty. Predetermined fixed Interes (MORE)
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How and why did Yusuf Islam convert to Islam?

Source: Wikipedia Cat Stevens relates that he nearly drowned off the coast of California in 1976 when he shouted for God to save him. Thereafter he was grateful for being save (MORE)
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Who converted to Islam and who didn't in Islam?

If you admit and surrender to Allah "God" the almigty that he is ONE, the CREATOR of this universe and that he is only God that deserves your worship; and If you believe in hi (MORE)

Is the Islamic banking is really Islamic and how?

Islamic banking is, in a sense, like regular banking with focus of  no fixed interest rate. The interest in Islam is called "Riba"  (Usury). Riba or Usury is strictly forbid (MORE)
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What is Islam and Muslim?

Islam is a religion, and Muslims are the people who believe in and follow Islam. See the related questions for more information.
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What is Islam pillars of Islam?

I am guessing you mean the pillars of Islam.   Well, there are 5.     Shahadah - testimony of faith - usually said by converts to  Islam. When you say this, you (MORE)

What is Islam about?

Islam is the religion of monotheism and peace. It is the God religion since start of universe creation. All God prophets called their people to Islam. Islam means submission t (MORE)

Will in islam?

if you want happyness in your life just convert into islam and you will see or just read about it & u will see the beaty of islam. ask any muslim how they feell about islam in (MORE)