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What is the price of a Japanese tea ceremony?

  To attend a basic (~30 minute) demonstration will be anything from free to $25 US dollars. Attendance at a full, 4.5-hour formal tea ceremony is usually by invitation, (MORE)

What is the role of a Geisha at a tea ceremony?

The Geisha actually performs the ceremony of making and serving tea to the recipient.  It sounds simple but is extremely complex.  Every hand movement, placement of the uten (MORE)

What is the japanese tea ceremony?

The Japanese tea ceremony is complicated set of maneuvers that help connect various energy's in your body such as soul, mind, and religion. It is very complicated and can take (MORE)

When is the Japanese Tea Ceremony held?

After doing some research on this certain topic, I have come to the conclusion that these tea ceremonies are usually held around meal times, since guests (preferably 4) come i (MORE)

What is different between Japanese tea ceremony and british?

They vary greatly. The British tea ceremonies generally focus on being tactful and polite while Japanese tea ceremonies are much more complicated. They have several different (MORE)

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