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Was jimmy buffett an extra?

  Yes. Jimmy Buffett has acted in five movies. He was an "extra" in Hook.   # Repo Man (1984) - Additional Blond Agent  # Hook (1991) - Shoe-Stealing Pirate (uncredi (MORE)

Is warren buffett the owner of gulfstream?

No but Warren Buffett owns NetJets which sells fractional shares in private jets including gulfstreams
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How can you contact Warren Buffett the billionaire?

go to his company and say : may i meet warren buffet? and then it takes 1 or 2 days because he is too busy...and his company is Berkshire Hathaway Good Luck.. Warren Buffe (MORE)

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What did warren buffett invent?

He didnt really invent anything, he started Bershire Hathaway, which is an insurance company that also owns a bunch of other companies like Nebraska Furniture Mart.
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How much does jimmy buffett make a concert?

I remember reading somewhere years ago he made somewhere between 250,000 - 450,000 a concert
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