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How were John Adams and Samuel Adams related?

Samuel Adams and John Adams were second cousins which means they had the same great-grandfather and grand-mother. Their fathers, Samuel, Sr. (1689-1748), and John, Sr. (1691 (MORE)

Did Abigail Adams help John Adams?

Abigail Adams deffinetly helped john Adams. Abigail Adams and John Adam's intellegence were about the same. Abigail Adams convinced John Adams that women should have equal wri (MORE)

Did John Adams and John Quincy Adams have a strong relationship?

They were both presidents.John Adams was vice president under George Washington.He died on July 4,1826 the same day his vice president Thomas Jefferson died.John Adams served (MORE)

Who is John Adams and what did he do?

John Adams was a lawyer who lived in Boston during the 18th century. He was a one of the Sons of Liberty and a key figure of helping the colonies declare independence against (MORE)

How was John Quincy Adams related to John Adams?

John Adams, the 2nd President of the United States, was the father  of John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States.
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Why did John Adams get married with abgail Adams?

One of the reasons was that she was so well educated. "She knew Shakespeare's plays and sonnets, the poems of Dryden and Addison and Pope, the works of Jonathan Swift. Often, (MORE)

How did John Adams and Abigail Adams meet?

Abigail and John, were third cousins and they had known each other since their childhood. John went with his friend Richard Cranch to the smith residence. Richard's fiance was (MORE)

What did John Adams do?

He was a delegate to the first continental congress. He defended the British soldiers at the Boston Massacre because he believed in a fair trial.He signed the Declaration of I (MORE)

Where did John Adams and Abigail Adams live?

They lived in Weymouth Massachusetts. This is where they lived when they first got married. Over the years when John was away Abigail stayed home and cared for the farm. They (MORE)
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