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What is Linux?

Linux is a free, open source operating system kernel,  but now is considered to be packaged with other programs to be an  entire operating system (known as a distribution, a (MORE)
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What is yast in Linux?

Yast is an administrator tool that allows administrators to install patches, add or delete users, etc.
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What are the functions of a Linux?

Linux is a name for an operating system that was created by Linus Torvalds. It is an operating system in the since that you can run it like you would run Windows on a computer (MORE)

Is Linux a trademark?

Yes. Linux was registered in 1994 by an individual not related to the operating system, who then demanded royalties from distributors. Linus Torvalds and a group of organizati (MORE)
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How can Linux be closed from the Linux GUI?

If you want to shut down the computer, usually "poweroff" or"shutdown -h now" would do. If you want to exit from the graphical interface, you typicallyjust need to shut down t (MORE)

Why did Linux torvalds make Linux?

Linux is a kernel.A while ago a project known as GNU was started by  Richard Stallman as a plan to get the word out about FOSS ( Free  and open-source software) He wanted to (MORE)

How can you get Linux?

Type download ubuntu or download linux mint, or which distribution you want to use, in a web-browser. Download the file as an ISO and burn it to a CD or DVD. Put the disc in t (MORE)

Why is Linux?

A simple question, but one that could result in a long and  convoluted answer. Basically, Linux is the kernel from which many  distributions burst forth, like a rocket explo (MORE)

What does a Linux do?

Linux is an operating system. In the strictect definition, it is an operating system kernel. What this means is Linux is to Ubuntu or Mint or Slackware or Android what NT is (MORE)