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What is metallurgy?

Metallurgy is the art of working metals, comprehending the whole process of separating them from other matters in the ore, smelting, refining, and parting them; sometimes, i ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of metallurgy?

metallurgy advancement is the base of most other forms of scientific advancement, example- we make tools out of metal to do things, this makes it easier for us to do those thi ( Full Answer )
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Types of metallurgy?

Metallurgy is broadly divided into following branches : 1. Mechanical Metallurgy 2. Physical Metallurgy 3. Extractive Metallurgy These are the basic divisions and these bran ( Full Answer )
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What is a metallurgis and polmer?

a polmer is an organic compound made up maily of a very long chain of carbon compounds
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What is meant by metallurgy?

Extraction of metals from its ores and formation of ores. Studying their properties, their alloys,refining of ores.
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What to do after BE in metallurgy?

A metallurgist can pursue his education further to M.Tech/M.E. and even can take up a Phd. in a particular subject. Besides that jobs in industries, research institutes and la ( Full Answer )
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What is the need of metallurgy?

A metallurgist is an engineer who specializes in studying the properties of metals. Metallurgists may also have training in geology, as metals extraction can be heavily involv ( Full Answer )
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What is definition of metallurgy?

It is the science of processing ores to extract and purify metal and make alloys..
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What is HV in metallurgy?

It is most likely to refer to Hardness Vickers, a method amongst 4 main methods for determining the surface hardness of a material. The four main methods are Vickers, Brinel ( Full Answer )
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What is BE in metallurgy?

Metallurgy is the science of materials. The science that deals with how the internal structure of materials and production methods.