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What is metallurgy?

Metallurgy is the art of working metals, comprehending the whole process of separating them from other matters in the ore, smelting, refining, and parting them; sometimes, in (MORE)

What is the meaning of metallurgy?

  metallurgy advancement is the base of most other forms of scientific advancement, example- we make tools out of metal to do things, this makes it easier for us to do tho (MORE)

Types of metallurgy?

Metallurgy is broadly divided into following branches :    1. Mechanical Metallurgy   2. Physical Metallurgy   3. Extractive Metallurgy    These are the (MORE)

What is the need of metallurgy?

A metallurgist is an engineer who specializes in studying the properties of metals. Metallurgists may also have training in geology, as metals extraction can be heavily involv (MORE)

What is HV in metallurgy?

It is most likely to refer to Hardness Vickers, a method amongst 4 main methods for determining the surface hardness of a material. The four main methods are Vickers, Brinel (MORE)