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Which school did Michael Faraday go?

Amazingly, Faraday was largely self-taught. He only attended school, where he studied basic subjects, until he was fourteen. He then apprenticed at a book-binder for seven yea (MORE)

What did Michael Faraday die from?

I read in a book that Michael Faraday died of unknown causes. The most likely cause is said to be mercury poisoning. He began losing all of his memories into a blank fog gradu (MORE)

How and where did Michael Faraday obtain an education?

Faraday   According to The Great Scientists(164-169) Faraday had the rudiments of reading, writing and arithmetic but, while apprenticed to a bookbinder, read voraciously (MORE)

Who was Michael Faraday and what did he do?

Michael Faraday, FRS (September 22, 1791 - August 25, 1867) was an English chemist and physicist (or natural philosopher, in the terminology of that time) who contributed si (MORE)

What did Michael Faraday discovered?

  He was famous for proving his theory that a changing magnetic field could generate a electric field and vice versa. this made it possible for later generations to create (MORE)

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Did Michael Faraday have a good childhood?

Faraday had a childhood typical of the English working class about  1800. His blacksmith father could not afford any formal education  for his son, and so Michael was appren (MORE)