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What is Michigan climate?

four full seasons. each as beautiful as the other. summers are mostly warm with highs from 80's into the 90's, autumn has great foliage colors, the winters usually produce mod ( Full Answer )
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Where is Michigan?

North of Ohio! It is the only state surrounded by lakes. East of the Missisipi. In the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America. To the North of Michigan it is ( Full Answer )
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Is Lake Michigan in Michigan?

Yes, but not only Michigan. It is also bordered by the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. . Yes, but not only Michigan. It is also bordered by the states of Wiscons ( Full Answer )
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Is Michigan or Michigan state better?

Michigan State has won the Paul Bunyan trophy 4 years in a row. Michigan's basketball program is nowhere near MSU's level.
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Why Michigan is called Michigan?

"Michigan" was named by the French, after the Ojibwe word "mishigama", which means "large water" or "large lake"
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Is Lake Michigan owned by Michigan?

Not entirely, while the state borders the lake, so does Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Bodies of water are a part of the US as a whole and are usually divided down the middl ( Full Answer )
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Who is better michigan or michigan state?

That depends on who you ask ... and what you are measuring. In size, the University of Michigan is greater. In Football, the University of Michigan is better. In basketball, M ( Full Answer )
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Does Michigan have a lottery?

Yes, Michigan state government runs Michigan state lottery. the website address is Answered by:
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Are there bogs in Michigan?

Yes there are bogs in Michigan. Some of them are: Mud Lake Bog,Bishop's Bog, and Saul Lake Bog.
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Why does Michigan have tornadoes?

Same reason all other places have tornadoes. They can occur in all 50 states. In Michigan, they are most common in lower MI.