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What is milk?

In short Milk is an white liquid, produced by the mammary glands of female mammals. The most common form of milk is from Cows, however other forms can come from Goats and So (MORE)
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What does milk have in it?

milk may seem like any ordanairy milk but. milk has loads of stuff in it when it comes. out the utter it may be sour that beacase. when the cow eats it travels down to the (MORE)

What about milk?

milk is good for you because it keeps your bones strong and it gives you more muscles.

Can you have milk?

yes you can have milk but if you are lactos and tollerint then i would advise you not to have milk or any dairy food anything with milk in it i would advise the people that ar (MORE)

Milk Milk Milk What Do Cows Drink?

With this trick question, most people will say "Milk," (which is not true) just for the fun of the questioner catching the questionee off guard. Cows drink water, not milk.

How can milk be milk?

milk can be milk by milking cows. Nuts; Milk is a fatty / protein fluid produced by the mammary gland in the female (yes you guessed it) mammals. All mammals. Goats (MORE)
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What if you have no milk?

then i would not advise eating cookies or you will feel like a part of you has died on the inside.
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What you get from milk?

Ostensibly Omega 3 and vitamin D, protein, carbohydrates, calcium,enzymes, and probiotics; however, CAFO milk, being pasteurized, hasno enzymes or probiotics left in it, and h (MORE)