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What is mining?

We use the general term mining to describe the activity ofrecovering materials from the earth. It is from these raw materialswe take minerals we need or the raw material from (MORE)

How do you mine?

The basic princible of mining is to go to where the deposit of the wanted material is found, dig the material from the deposit with suitable tools and then refine the raw mine (MORE)
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What is mined?

There are so many things that are mined. Some of the common  minerals include iron ore, coal, gold, lead, silver, copper,  limestone and so much more.

How do you get out of a mine?

Use the ladders or if your playing a game online, teleport your way out. Otherwise, in real life, you can call for help on a cellphone/ use a pickaxe and mine your way out.
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What is a mine?

We see the application of the term mine (as in land mine) to a high explosive weapon that can be set on or beneath the ground, and which is triggered by someone stepping on it (MORE)

Is he mine?

talk to him and find out!!! and if he doesn't SO WHAT!!! there are plenty more fish in the sea!!! the chances are he will like you!!
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What can you mine?

You can mine gold, coal and iron ore there might be more things that you can mine but these are the ones that i know of
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Who do you mine for?

We mine for coal which produces electricity . Without coal we wouldn't be able to flip the light switch on an have lights.
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What do you get from mining?

Everything that was not grown comes from mining. Coal, uranium, and oil for the powerplant that is powering your computer at this moment. About 32 different elements in your c (MORE)