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Why is oil mined?

Basically, humans mine oil and other fossil fuels because, as the name might suggest, fossil fuels are still the main fuel provider for making electricity for households and b (MORE)
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How is gravel mined?

Gravel is usually mined by excavation from deposits left in banks associated with stream beds. It is usually sized and washed across vibrating screens or rotary drums to remov (MORE)

How do you mine with a mining pick on minecraft?

Just break a stone block with your pickaxe like if you were punching trees. NOTE: Some materials will not drop their resources if not mined without the right tool! Stone and (MORE)

What is mining?

We use the general term mining to describe the activity ofrecovering materials from the earth. It is from these raw materialswe take minerals we need or the raw material from (MORE)
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Where is glass mined?

Glass isn't mined; it's not a mineral like coal or diamonds. It's created by heating sand to super-hot temperatures then blown into various shapes.   ---------------------- (MORE)

Why are diamonds mined?

Diamonds are mined to recover them for use. As there is a good deal of demand for them, they have significant value. It is a simple economics principle that if there is demand (MORE)
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How do you mine fossils in Oreburgh mine?

  you can not mine in oreburgh mine but when you get to eterna city you can get the explorer kit and mine then. but still you need ALOT of patience because sometimes itfee (MORE)
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What do Sweden mine?

1. iron ore , 90 % of the production within EU. 2. some gold,silver and coppar is also find in the ore.

What does Colorado mine?

In addition to gold silver, lead, copper, uranium, coal, and other metals, Colorado was (at one time) the leading producer of molybdenum in the world.
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How is gypsum mined?

After a source of gypsum is found, regular mining equipment will be  used to extract it from the ground. As with mining other minerals,  mining gypsum can lead to environmen (MORE)