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How does a missile work?

Missiles have a guidance system, a "brain" (computer), telemetry gear, warhead (or payload), fuel, and fins. They are either active, semi-active, or passive. Active means tha ( Full Answer )
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What is a ballistic missile?

A ballistic missile is a term that defines a missile's flight path. There are two types of flight paths as far as missiles are concerned: approach angle control and ballistic. ( Full Answer )
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What are nuclear missiles?

It is a nuclear weapon that does not require other means oftransport, such as a plane or carrier. But can be launched and"steered" toward a target or automatically find its ta ( Full Answer )
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What is a missile?

a missle is a kind of bomb . An object or weapon that is fired, thrown, dropped, or otherwise projected at a target; a projectile. . A guided missile. . A ballistic missile ( Full Answer )
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Is there a missile called spud missile?

its not spud but "SCUD" missile.its a Russian missile but in NATOs code its called a scud was developed during the cold war.
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Are ballistic missiles guided missiles?

Yes, although not in the same sense as, say, an air-to-air missile. They're programmed prior to launch. . Technically, a ballistic missile is, by definition, unguided, as ( Full Answer )
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What can a missile destroy?

Are you looking for anything in particular that one can't destroy? Because a mission can just about blow up anything.
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Why do you use missiles?

it is not necessary to use missiles against is just our safety purpose.if u have missiles then it may be possible then people will afraid you.
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What is the missile jammer?

There are different types of jammer. For radar guided missile there is radar jammer. For laser guides missile aircraft use burning magnesium strips for make confuse missile.
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Is missile a verb?

No, the word 'missile' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for an object that is forcibly propelled at a target, a word for a thing.