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How missiles work?

To answer your question, we have to know what sort of missiles you are talking about. In a nutshell, the missile has it's warhead (also known as a "payload"), it's homing devi (MORE)

Where are missiles stored?

It depends on the type of missile. Some Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) are stored in underground silos in a ready state. Some may be stored in underground or abov (MORE)

What is a missile?

  a missle is a kind of bomb   # An object or weapon that is fired, thrown, dropped, or otherwise projected at a target; a projectile.  # A guided missile.  # A ball (MORE)

What is an inert missile?

Basically, a deactivated missile. Typically, an inert missile will either be a purpose built dummy, or a live missile, with its propellant and warhead removed.
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How do get rid of missiles?

Missiles are disassembled by special experts who know how to handle the nuclear devices and to properly dispose of them. It costs about a million dollars to take them apart an (MORE)

Are ballistic missiles guided missiles?

Yes, although not in the same sense as, say, an air-to-air missile. They're programmed prior to launch. Technically, a ballistic missile is, by definition, unguided, as it f (MORE)

What types of missiles are there?

cruise & ballisticconventional warhead & nuclear warheadself-guided, remote-guided, unguidedbattlefield, short range, intermediate range, intercontinentalland based, submarine (MORE)