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How did Namibia become a German colony?

German ruleNamibia became a German colony in 1884 to forestall British encroachment and was known as German South-West Africa (Deutsch-S├╝dwestafrika).[11] However, the Palgra (MORE)

What is the most dangerous snake in Namibia?

This depends on the circumstances: If you like to catch and handle snakes: the Black Mamba wins, as it's venom is most potent. This snake is also aggressive, but as with most (MORE)
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How poor is Namibia?

Namibia finds itself where many countries in the region may find themselves over the next several years. Namibia is one of the richest countries in Africa. The country's GNP (MORE)

Who is the highest paid person in Namibia?

Former Rossing Uranium Managing Director Linus Eliaser Amulungu. Who were paid N$ 1 200 000,00 per month and earns N$ 18 000 000,00 a year. It is suspected that his 4th son na (MORE)
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Who is the leader of Namibia?

Nahas Angula is the Prime Minister tasked with running the civil service and the day-to-day business of government.Our president is Hifikipunye Pohamba.
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What is Namibias literacy rate?

Namibia's Literacy Rate   Using the definition of literacy as population 15 years old and over being able to read and write, Namibia's literacy rate was 85% in 2001 (from (MORE)

What is the nicest place in Namibia?

Depends on your personal view: If you like untouched secluded landscapes: Sossusvlei. If you like wildlife and nature parks: Etosha. If you like culture: there are different (MORE)