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What are the religions of Nicaragua?

Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, claiming the allegiance of about 72.9% of the population. Approximately 15.1% of the populace are members of evangelical churche (MORE)

Is Nicaragua big?

Yes, compared to other countries, Nicaragua is big. It is the 96th largest country, so it is just barely on the larger side. However, it might be more accurate to classify Nic (MORE)

What is facts about Nicaragua?

1. largest country in central america 2. climate- tropical in lowlands, cooler in high lands 3. has the only lake island in the world with 2 volcanoes 4. has fresh water sha (MORE)

Are there roaches in Nicaragua?

  Of course there are roaches in Nicaragua, and in all of Central America. Roaches love tropical climates, and will grow very large there.

Does it snow in Nicaragua?

While Nicaragua is located in South America and typically does not have snow in the general areas, it has been known to have snow in the mountainous regions of the country.
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Who imperialized Nicaragua?

The Spanish colonized Nicaragua. In 1502, Christopher Columbus was the first European known to have reached what is now Nicaragua as he sailed south along the Central America (MORE)

What is there to do in Nicaragua?

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Nicaragua. But the best one is MonteliMar. It is a very nice resort. There is a beach towards the back and has about 5 interconnected (MORE)