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Where can you find the bibliography of Nicole Kidman?

  Nicole Kidman   * Born: 20 June 1967  * Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii  * Best Known As: Oscar-winning star of The Hours   Nicole Kidman won the Academy Award as (MORE)

What movies have Nicole Kidman played in?

Nicole kidman has played in 54 movies. BMX Bandits,1983 Bush Christmas,1983 Five Mile Creek,1983 Skin Deep,1983 Chase Through the Night,1983 Matthew and Son,1984 Wills & Burk (MORE)

What did Nicole Kidman do to be famous?

She appeared in movie Dead Calm where Tom Cruise saw her and fell in love with her beauty and talent, and invited her to be his co-star in Days of Thunder. Then she married To (MORE)

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