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What nutrition do grapes have?

Grapes have vitamins A, B-complex and C. They have potassium and other trace minerals and are high in natural sugars. Health Benefits: Kidney, liver, and stomach meridians. in (MORE)
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How you can make nutrition?

Nutrition means to provide organisms with the elements needed to survive. For plants, this includes nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, water, and various micronutrients. For an (MORE)

What is absorptive nutrition?

Fungi feed using enzymes and absorption. The hyphae of fungi, are able to screte digestive enzymes out into the soil or other surrounds in which they grow. The ezymes then dig (MORE)
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What is crop nutrition?

Crop nutrition is the provision of all the nutrients, or "plant food", that the crop will need to complete its life cycle. The major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potas (MORE)
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What is Nutrition in biology?

The study of the organic process by which an organism assimilates  and uses food and liquids for normal functioning, growth and  maintenance. Also included is the concept of (MORE)
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What is autotrophic nutrition?

the process by which green plants can make their own food from simple substances like carbondioxide and minerals which are present in the surroundings is called Autotrophic mo (MORE)
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What are basic nutrition?

Nutrients: Calories,Fat,Cholesterol,Sodium,Potassium,Carbohydrates and Protein Vitamins: A,C,D,E Minerals: Calcium,Iron,Thiamin,Riboflavin,Folic Acid, and Zince
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What is nutritional anthropometry?

nutritional anthropometry: It is a method used to measure the body composition. It provides information on gross body size, skeletal form or configuration, and soft-tissue (MORE)