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What is there to do in Oklahoma?

  That totally depends on where you are going. I would suggest looking up Discover Oklahoma. There is a lot to see and do here. Tulsa is much nicer than OKC too.

Where is Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is a landlocked state in south central United States. It  is bordered by 6 states; Texas on the south, New Mexico on the  west, Colorado on the northwest, Kansas on (MORE)

Who found Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

Good question. The answer to who found Oklahoma city is Choctaw chief actually known as Allen wright thank you for your question answered by:     Brittney Hernandez

How did Oklahoma City Oklahoma get named?

Oklahoma got its name from a Choctaw chief, named Allen wright. He suggested the name in 1866, from the Indian words "Okla 'homa" which means " red people" But also the nickn (MORE)