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Do turtles eat okra?

Yes, a turtle can eat okra as an occasional food item, but not as a staple food. Okra is moderately high in oxalates, which can limit the absorption of calcium if fed in exces (MORE)

What is okra good for?

You can use okra to make tasty sides, vegetable stews or spicy curries, It's also a good source of fibre and iron
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Does okra have gluten?

No, okra does not contain gluten. Here is a website that gives you most produsts that do not contain gluten. See the related link.
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Are leaves of okra edible?

Yes. Okra leaves can be eaten. Cook them as you would greens - but be careful of overcooking.
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What are the nutrients of okra?

Okra is a vegetables that is mostly used in the south. The  nutrients found in okra are plentiful and include fiber, vitamin  B6, vitamin C, and folic acid.

When is okra in season?

An Okra is a traditional delicacy. It is usually in season during winter, from December to March. It also tastes better and has best nutritional value at that time (Vitamin C (MORE)

How do you tell when an okra is ripe?

Touch the okra. Ripe okra should feel tender to the touch. Wear gloves and long sleeves when feeling and harvesting the okra, as its small hairs are often irritating to the s (MORE)

What is a okra?

Okra is a flowering plant. Its green pods are commonly eaten fried or pickled. Okra is a low calorie food that is high in fiber and vitamin C.
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Recipes of okra?

Lots of Okra recipes here - Okra is also called "Bhindi" in India - which is why there are many recipes listed as "Bhindi"