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Why do we have the old testament?

ONE MAIN reason is that Abrahams & Isaac's role in a symbolic "DRAMA" of Gods' promises & Christ's role as the true messiah! The hundreds prophecies are stated from the OT & f (MORE)

What is the Old Testament?

The first of the two main divisions of the Bible, containing thebooks of the old or Mosaic covenant, and including the historicalbooks, the prophets, and the books of wisdom.. (MORE)

How does the New Testament differ from the Old testament?

The Old Testament is for our learning which deals with laws,history and prophets before Christ came and died for our sins while the New Testament is about the life,death,buria (MORE)

What are the books in the New Testament and Old Testament?

There are 39 books in the Protestant Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament. The Catholic Old Testament includes additional deuterocanonical books that Protestants ca (MORE)

Why is there the Old Testament and New Testament?

This is because there was the time before Christ came to earth and which some of the rules at the Old Testament is followed by Jews and the rules in new testament in which Chr (MORE)

What is the Old Testament about?

Another Answer from our community:The Old Testament is about the  story of the chosen people and their relationship with God    Probably 5 % is true in the Old Testame (MORE)

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How does the New Testament continue Old Testament?

The new testament doesn't continue the old testament. Look at it  this way;the old testament is fulfilled by the new  testament,whereas the new testament is hidden in the ol (MORE)