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What is pizza?

Pizza refers to a flat round piece of dough baked with a topping.In Italy, where the dish originated, the piece of bread is quitethin, only a couple of millimetres, but in the (MORE)

Can you have pizza?

yes unless ur alergic to dough,tomato sauce, and cheese * if ur allergic to cheese theres a kind of pizza with just sauce and it REALLY good and im not even allerigic to it bu (MORE)

What is the pizza?

well you see... its starts when you call the pizza store and ask for a pizza, then they go and make the pizza with your specific reqests. Then they deliver the pizza to your h (MORE)

Can you get pizza?

Every sizable city, and many smaller communities in North America are well supplied with pizzerias and Italian restaurants where you can get pizza. It is one of the most widel (MORE)
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What is pizza-?

Pizza is a bread like snack made from a mixture of, tomato sauce, meat, cheese and dough.