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What is Polaris?

Polaris (also known as the North Star, Northern Star or Pole Star) is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. It is actually a star system, consisting of a main ( Full Answer )
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What constellation is Polaris in?

It is at the tail end of the little dipper, which is part of Ursa Minor, the little bear.(:
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Where is polaris?

Polaris is also known as the "North Star" or the "pole Star". It is a bright star, positioned almost directly above the nortern end of the earth's axis of rotation. It is the ( Full Answer )
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What is polaris and why is it important?

Polaris is the north star, being possitioned directly above the north pole it doesn't move from it's spot in the nigth sky, this can be used to both tell direction and time at ( Full Answer )
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How do you find Polaris?

Polaris is directly north of you, in the Little Dipper or Ursa Minor constellation, and appears at the same angle above the northern horizon as your north latitude.
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Who is Polaris?

We generally think of Polaris as the Pole Star, but there are other uses. Click on the link below to see what they are.
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Who discovered Polaris?

No one discovered Polaris. It has been in the night sky since humans first walked the Earth.
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What is the significant of polaris?

Through a temporary and fortuitous coincidence, Polaris happens to be aligned above the north pole of the axis of the Earth's rotation. For early navigators in the past severa ( Full Answer )
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What is the significance of polaris?

It's just about at the north celestial pole... right now.. However, it's about as close to the celestial pole as it ever gets, and either already is or soon will start drifti ( Full Answer )
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What is the signifcance of polaris?

Polaris is the North Star. It is said to never move and always point North. Sailors would look for Polaris in the olden days when they needed help finding there way.