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What is popcorn?

\n. \n Popcorn is formed when a kernel gets heated. The kernel explodes and then turns inside-out. .
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What is in a popcorn?

Popcorn is made of corn. Corn is able to become popcorn because ofits starch interior and hard hull.
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Where is popcorn from?

Popcorn is known to be invented by Native Americans who experimented with corn kernels over boiled water and fires.
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When did they do popcorn?

The Aztecs Created It. About 1500 Years Ago. They Found The Corn,Then Just Heated It Up.Thats How It All Started.. When They First Made It,It Was Called kaloomadalaeggwwol
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What is popcorns?

its multable corn that has been poped. what do you think POP CORN!!!! means!!!! its POPED CORN!!!
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How do you have popcorn?

you open the bag. put it in the micowave for 2:30 when it beeps put it in a bowl then enjoy
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Why is popcorn good for you?

Yes, popcorn can be good for you without the excess salt and butter. Popcorn is from corn seeds that we grow.
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What is in microwave popcorn?

It will vary by brand and flavor. Jolly Time White & Buttery contains: 100% Whole Grain White Popcorn, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flav ( Full Answer )
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What is mushroom popcorn?

The large, smooth, puffy ball shapes hold toppings, glazes, and chocolate like no other. If you've eaten super high-end caramel, toffee, and chocolate coated popcorn, chances ( Full Answer )
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Is a popcorn popcorn?

Yes. Popcorn is corn cooked so hot the heat and pressure builds up in the inside until it explodes and makes popcorn