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What is a reindeer?

A large deer of the arctic and northern regions of Eurasia and north America, having branched antlers in both sexes
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Where does reindeers come from?

Reindeers come from there mum, and when that reindeer has a baby, we can say this all over again.
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What rhymes with reindeer?

we're There are no perfect rhymes for "reindeer", but these are possible close rhymes: 1. eer 2. electioneer 3. emeer 4. engineer 5. eyeleteer 6. affeer 7. agreer 8. ambeer (MORE)
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Why are reindeer called reindeer?

They are deer and you hook them on the sleigh and make them go with the reins. They are deer and you hook them on the sleigh and make them go with the reins
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What is reindeer?

Reindeer also referred to as caribou live in North America. Theyare a type of deer that varies in color and size. Both sexes inmost groups will grow antlers.
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Is caribou a reindeer?

Yes, the caribou of Alaska and Labrador/Newfoundland is a reindeer species imported from the arctic regions of Europe and Asia where it is native.
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Are reindeers vegetarians?

yes i believe they are they live off grass, lichen ,carrots, craw berries ,herbs and moss
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Are reindeer nocturnal?

They are not nocturnal. For they are just like their cousins the deer, elk, and moose which also do not have the characteristics of being nocturnal.
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How can reindeer swim?

Reindeer have special fuzz all over them that allows them to float or "swim" in water.
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Do reindeer adapt?

Yes! Reindeer have adapted fantastically over the past few decades. Some of their more notable adaptations include: faster speed, increased altitude, and a decreased radar sig (MORE)