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Did Rhode Island have indentured servants?

They did have indentured servants in Rhode Island. They would serve for 2-7 years, and then they would get a free piece of land. Indentured servants came to the colonies when (MORE)

Rhode island resources?

Rhode Island has many natural resources. These include plenty of  seafood, an abundance of fresh, and salt water. Wild animals such  as deer, raccoon, raccoon, duck, and oth (MORE)

How did Rhode Island make money?

Colonial Rhode Island did not have a lot of imports, exports, and  trade. Early settlers in Rhode Island made some money by selling  nursery products and flowers.
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Why is Rhode Island called an island?

"Rhode Island" was either named for the Isle of Rhodes (in the Mediterranean Sea) or for its red clay (the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block may have named it "Roodt Eylandt" meani (MORE)

What is a Rhode Island Red?

The Rhode Island Red chicken breed was developed from Maylasian chicken breeds in the USA. A duel purpose bird producing good meat quality and a good laying capacity they ar (MORE)

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