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What did Robert E. Lee do when he was young?

I am not sure how young you mean,but when he was 18 he entered the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1825. He graduated in 1829 number two in his class, and with not one (MORE)

When was Robert E. Lee death?

He died in Lexington, Virginia.He died at 63. On September 28, 1870, Lee suffered a stroke that left him without the being able to speak. Lee died from the effects of pneumoni (MORE)

Was Robert E. Lee Catholic?

No, the site listed under "Related Links" states that Robert E Lee is a strong follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Robert E. Lee was a lifelong member of the Episcopa (MORE)

Was Robert E. Lee a Mormon?

No. Robert E. Lee was a deeply faithful Christian. He worshiped with his family at Christ Church in Alexandria, VA, where he was confirmed in 1853 by The Rev. John Johns. A pl (MORE)

What is Robert E. Lee skills?

Lee was brilliant at the aggressive elastic defence. He was good at  reading the opposing general's intentions, and countering with  audacious moves, especially when Jackson (MORE)
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Did Robert E. Lee have a nickname?

Yes he did. He had many nicknames but the nickname given to him by the North was "the Grey Old Fox" since he was very sly.
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