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Who did rod Stewart perform with at Woodstock?

Rod Stewart did NOT perform at Woodstock. He was meant to perform as part of the Jeff Beck Group however the band split up shortly before the event took place. Coincidentally, (MORE)

Is Kristen Stewart related to Rod Stewart?

Her father is John Stewart,Her mother is Jules Mann-Stewart, She has an older brother, Cameron Stewart and is a guitar player. And she is dating actor Michael Angarano. Nothin (MORE)

Who is in rod Stewarts current band?

Rod Stewart's current band: Paul Warren - guitar Don Kirkpatrick - guitar Conrad Korsch - bass guitar Dave Palmer - drums J'anna Jacoby - violin, mandolin, acoustic guitar (MORE)

Violinista de Rod Stewart?

The violinist playing with Rod Stewart's band is currently J'Anna Jacoby (or J'Anna Jacoby Harrold)
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Was rod Stewart ever in the yardbirds?

No, Rod Stewart was not in the Yardbirds. His one-time bandmate (and collaborator on a new album), Jeff Beck, was in the Yardbirds as a guitarist. He replaced Eric Clapton an (MORE)

Was rod Stewart in the band cream?

No, he was not. The band 'Cream' consisted of Eric Clapton (guitar/vocals), Jack Bruce (bass guitar/vocals) and Ginger Baker (drums/vocals).
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