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Can you dye silk?

Protein fibres such as silk and wool prefer ACID DYES. Acid dyes produce bright colours which vary in light fastness. Most have poor fastness to washing. They are simple to us (MORE)

Where is silk from?

Silk comes from the silk worm's cocoon. The silkworms are fed mulberry leaves and cared for until they go into their cocoon. Then they are put in hot and cold water and the co (MORE)
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What is dupioni silk?

Dupion silk is the silk obtained from double cocoons. The fabric made out of this silkyarn is the dupion fabric.The yarn and the fabric have more neps or slugs on it which is (MORE)
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What is pond silk?

Pond silk is the common name of Spirogyra (algae) because it is very slimy in shape.
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Where do you get silk from?

Silk comes from many different places.... China Thailand India Mediterranean Middle East Medieval and Modern Europe North America Another Answer Silk comes from (MORE)

What is the value of Silk?

The value of anything is worth whatever someone will pay you for it. Depending on the state in which you wish to value silk -- raw silk, cocoons, spun silk yarn or thread, wo (MORE)