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Where is silk from?

Silk comes from the silk worm's cocoon. The silkworms are fedmulberry leaves and cared for until they go into their cocoon. Thenthey are put in hot and cold water and the coco (MORE)
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Where do you get silk from?

Silk comes from many different places.... China Thailand India Mediterranean Middle East Medieval and Modern Europe North America Another Answer Silk comes (MORE)

What is silk-out?

Well.. In my opinion a Silk-Out is when one would be going about the usual business, when suddenly ones companion drifted off with no prior warning(usual at an unbelievably re (MORE)

Silk from the silk rode?

Err... What? o.O "Silk from the Silk Road" isn't a sentence, and therefore can't be formulated into a question...

Who traded silk on the silk road?

Pretty much all who existed from Western Europe to the far East Asia traded on the silk road. Also, the Muslims played a huge role in what was brought from Asia to Europe. The (MORE)