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What is skiing?

Skiing is probably one of the most popularwinter sports. Every year, millions of people would hit the snowy slopes forsome challenge and fun. Skiing is an equipment oriented s (MORE)
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Where can you ski?

Mostly anywhere where their is snow and mountains or dry slopes. Answer In the United States, you can find ski resorts in California,Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyomi (MORE)
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Where should the ski binding be on the ski?

Where the binding is mounted is all about personal preference. If you ski terrain park, a center mount could be more your style, where as if you ski all mountain, you may wish (MORE)
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What hold ski boots to ski?

Bindings. These are devices that are permanently attached to the ski (with hidden screws). The boots snap into these bindings holding them at the toe and heel. They are design (MORE)
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Is freestyle skiing alpine skiing?

It can be. Alpine skiing means downhill skiing while nordic skiing is cross-country skiing. Freestyle is part of alpine, but instead of just going down the mountain freestyle (MORE)

How do you spell skies is it skies or sky's and why?

The plural spelling is skies. A consonant-Y ending to a word usually results in it changing the Y to I and adding -ES. The word sky's is the singular possessive form of the (MORE)

What is a skiing?

Skiing is a winter sport where you wear boots that attach to skis. There are ski hills and you stand up and slide with the skis attached to your feet down the hill. In order t (MORE)