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Is there skiing in Italy?

There are lots of ski resorts in Italy, including some of the largest in the world (Dolomiti Superski). Remember that Italy has some of the highest mountain in western Europe, (MORE)
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Is skiing expensive?

The basic answer would be yes. This is because you have to buy or rent skis, boots and poles, and you have to buy a jacket, base layer, mid layer, gloves, helmet (this one is (MORE)
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What are the dangers of skiing?

The dangers of skiing include knee destruction and severe  concussions. Even if you are a pro at it, it's wise to take courses  every winter anyway to constantly brush up on (MORE)

How do you spell skies is it skies or sky's and why?

The plural spelling is skies. A consonant-Y ending to a word usually results in it changing the Y to I and adding -ES. The word sky's is the singular possessive form of the (MORE)

Where was skiing invented?

3 answers after a merger: 1. Pre-historic Nordic people invented skiing to assist hunting, military technique, and as a practical transportation for themselves and the Samis (MORE)
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Where can you ski?

Mostly anywhere where their is snow and mountains or dry slopes. Answer In the United States, you can find ski resorts in California,Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyomi (MORE)
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What effects does ski wax do on skis?

Ski Wax basically helps the ski Glide better on snow.     There are some different types of wax, but your basic wax (for  skiing/ snowboarding) creates a layer on t (MORE)

What is a skiing?

Skiing is a winter sport where you wear boots that attach to skis. There are ski hills and you stand up and slide with the skis attached to your feet down the hill. In order t (MORE)