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What is Skype?

Skype is a online application where you are able to make voice calls over the internet. You may also use skype to video conference with other users. When you make voice calls, (MORE)

What is skyping?

Skyping is using your computer to dial someone's home phone. There are programs and websites that assist in doing this including
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What can you do on Skype?

Getting Skype: There are many different things you can do on Skype. All you need is a Webcam (if not built into your computer already) and the software - which you download f (MORE)

How do you get a skype?

Google "Download Skype Installer" and follow the first link or if you need a direct link, check out the first related link given here.
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How do you skype?

The question is vague, but here are some decent tutorials on some basics on using skype    Skype is (MORE)

Do you get skype?

If you often chat with your friends online and if you are interested in talking over the internet or video talking at cheap rates, download Skype right now! It's the most conv (MORE)

What is Skype and how do I get it?

Skype is an application that you download of the internet which allows you to speak verbally, silently and face to face via your laptop/smartphone.
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What can Skype do?

Skype can send calls to any country over the internet, call mobile  phones, and work as an instant messenger. You can also send and  receive files over Skype along with vide (MORE)