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What was the causes for the Spanish American War?

1) We wanted to give Cuba and the Philippines independence from Spain 2) Monroe Doctrine said that anything in the Western Hemisphere was OURS, and that Europe (Spain) couldn' (MORE)

What happened in the Spanish-American War?

It was a US victory in which Spain lost its New World Empire, Cuba became independent and the US became known as a world power. The Americans went to Spain to ask for Cuban (MORE)

What did the Americans get in the Spanish-American War?

In winning the Spanish-American war, in 1898, America gained temporary control of Cuba and indefinite colonial authority of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines from the Span (MORE)

What was the result of the spanish American war?

Treaty of Paris. America won the war. The US claimed Cuba as a territory for a short time and granted it Independence. Cubans didn't want to trade one countries colonial cont (MORE)
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