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What is tea?

Tea is a drink made from the leaves (and sometimes other parts) of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are processed in different ways, and then are brewed into a bevera (MORE)
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What is in tea?

It depends on whether you refer to leaf tea or the beverage. Thechemical composition of leaf tea will vary depending on manyfactors, such as the variety, how it was dried, whi (MORE)
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What does tea do for you?

Tea contains anti-oxidants which are designed to slow the process of aging by preventing free radicals from oxidizing biological molecules or reduces the formation of free rad (MORE)
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Where do you get the tea?

There are lots of online site which provides Tea bags and tea like Oolong tea, Best loose leaf tea, Chai tea and Rooibos tea
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What type of tea is pu'er tea?

pu'er tea (also known as puer and puerh) is one of the rawest tea in the world. Unlike teas such as green tea, it is not baked. Because of this, living microbes in the te (MORE)

What is tea in tea party an abbreviation of?

Well the Boston Tea party was after officials in Boston refused to return shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by th (MORE)

What to have for tea?

Well - it's not tea-time yet in the UK (it's only 10:00 am) - BUT - I'll be making my own Chinese 'take-away' later. I'll be making sweet & sour soup, prawns on sesame toast, (MORE)
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Where to get tea?

If you would like to buy online tea just go through here you will get all types of tea which one do you like to prefer for your health because Tea gives always (MORE)