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How many majors does Tiger Woods have?

  14   He has won 14 Majors in his career. This number does not include his 3 U.S. Amateur Championships which used to be counted as a major.   He won the Masters (MORE)

Did Tiger Woods quit golf?

He has taken an indefinite break from golf since late November. Rumors suggest he is back in training, and may make the Tavistock Cup his comeback event.
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Why does Tiger Woods go by tiger?

His christian name is Eldrick. His father, Earl Woods gave him the nickname Tiger at a young age, and he has since became known by this. The name Tiger is a nickname which Ear (MORE)

When did tiger woods change his name to tiger?

At birth, Woods was given "Eldrick" and "Tont" as first and middle names, respectively. His middle name, Tont, is a traditional Thai name.He got his nickname from a Vietnamese (MORE)
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How did Tiger Woods wife find out?

Rumors are, Tiger had been texting Rachel Uchitel on the night of the crash, he went to the Isleworth club house to play poker with a few friends. He had left his phone behind (MORE)

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