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Who is Tina Fey?

Tina Fey is a comedian from NBC's Saturday Night Live. She portrays vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the show.   She wrote the teen comedy Mean Girls, which is ab (MORE)

Is Tina Fey married?

  Yes, Tina Fey is married to Jeff Richmond (see link). They were married in 2001 and have one child, Alice Zenobia Richmond who was born in 2005.
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Who is Felicity Fey?

Felicity Fey was an 18 year old model when she has started with her photos and vids on the net (2004). She had never done any hardcore. This is from her website: Age: 18 A (MORE)

Who is Wong Fei Hung?

  Wong Fei Hung was a famous Chinese martial artist and doctor. Getting real facts about his life are difficult, as many myths and false stories have sprung up and been mi (MORE)

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