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Who is Tina Fey?

Tina Fey is a comedian from NBC's Saturday Night Live. She portrays vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the show.   She wrote the teen comedy Mean Girls, which is ab (MORE)

Did Tina turner have siblings?

Yes Tina Turner did have siblings, she had 1 sister called Ailene
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How many children does Tina Fey have?

  Tina Fey has one daughter, Alice Zenobia Richmond, who was born on September 10, 2005, in New York City. :)
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Who is Felicity Fey?

Felicity Fey was an 18 year old model when she has started with her photos and vids on the net (2004). She had never done any hardcore. This is from her website: Age: 18 A (MORE)

Does Tina Turner have grandchildren?

Yes, Tina does have grandchildren. If you watch this from youtube. Oprah says "And Grandmother..." Also Those LEGS! Oh My Gosh those (MORE)

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Who is Tina Bruce?

Tina Bruce is an honorary professor that teaches at Roehampton  University in England. She is also works a consultant for Early  Year Education.

Who is morgana la fey?

Morgana le Fay (also known as Morgaine,Morgan,and many other names),was a character in Arthurian Legend,who is portrayed as an evil sorceress.She usually has pale skin,dark ha (MORE)
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Did cheng fei retire?

According to reliable sources, Cheng Fei hasn't retired from competative gymnastics but is recovering from a leg injury and is planning to try and get fit to hopefully compete (MORE)