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What is distance between Madurai and Tirunelveli?

On this Route - the Distance from Madurai to Tirunelveli is 154 km . And Drive from Madurai to Tirunelveli takes about 3.08 hours by car. It takes 2.35hrs by bus( B (MORE)
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Is textile mills available in tirunelveli?

Yes. In tirunelveli so many textile mills are available . 1. Ganapathy Mills Co., Ltd., . 2. Subburaj Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd . 3. Subburaj Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd., . 4. M (MORE)
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Complaints of a college to Anna university tirunelveli?

TO VICE CHANCELLAR Anna university tirunelveli 18-02-2010 THURSDAY Respected sir, I'm studying in maria college of engineering and technology ,attoor I'm (MORE)
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What are the deparartment codes for Anna university tirunelveli?

101 for AERONAUTICAL 103 for CIVIL 104 for CSE (Computer science and engineering) 105 for EEE (electrical and electronics engineering) 106 for ECE (Electronics and com (MORE)
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What is the abbreviation of tirunelveli?

tirunelveli is an ancient city and biggest corporation in tamilnadu......... T(TWIN CITY) I(INTELLIGENT CITY) R(RUSH CITY) U(UNITED CITY) N(NEL CITY) E(EXCELLENT CITY) L(LOYA (MORE)