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What is tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial illness caused by the bacteriumMycobacterium Tuberculosis and is primarily an illness of therespiratory system. The bacteria are spread by res (MORE)
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How do you get tuberculosis?

You can get tuberculosis when somebody, untreated, has the disease.If they cough, sneeze, or spit, the TB germs can get flung into theair. People who aren't vaccinated can end (MORE)
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Is tuberculosis a virus?

Tuberculosis(TB) is a disease caused by certain bacteria and not a disease causing agent like a virus is. It affects primarily the lungs and requires early and long unbro (MORE)

What does tuberculosis do to you?

tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and when it effects the lungs, causes difficulty breathing. When infected in other organs such as the kidney, then it do (MORE)
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What symptoms does tuberculosis have?

You may not notice any symptoms of illness until the disease is quite advanced. Symptoms would be loss of weight, loss of energy, poor appetite, fever, a productive cough, and (MORE)
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How was tuberculosis named?

The name comes from the small lumps or "tubercules" that form in the lungs. "Tubercule" is the diminuitive of the Latin word "tuber" that comes to us unchanged to describe a (MORE)
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Who named tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is named for the bacterium that causes it, "mycobacterium tuberculosis", which was first "seen" by Robert Koch, a German physician. Tuberculosis used to be called (MORE)