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What is the emblem of Wales?

it's hard to say because the sign on the flag is a dragon, but on st.davids day the people of wales where leek's and daffodils. leek's for males, daffodils for females. i woul (MORE)
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When was Wales independent?

Wales was an independent nation up until the overthrow by the  English of the last Welsh king to successfully unify the country,  Llewellyn the Great, in 1275. In her heyday (MORE)
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Who rules Wales?

As Wales is part of the United Kingdom the ruler is Queen Elizabeth II. Although it has it's own devolved assembly it is administered primarily, by the UK parliament
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What is Wales famous for?

The Nation of Wales has the longest history in Europe, predating England, for example, by well over two thousand years. Philologically, the language is related to Rhaetian an (MORE)
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Why is Wales in the UK called Wales?

The word Wales derives from old German and means 'stranger' or 'foreign.' Derivatives of the word were applied by Anglo Saxons to the Celtic inhabitants of Britain. Interesti (MORE)
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What was wales called before wales?

Well , originally it wouldn't have had an English alternative (Wales) and would have always been Cymru (I think) In the same way , while England had complete power over us , (MORE)

Where is Wales?

Answer Its a country in the UK. It borders England. Capital city is  Cardiff/Caerdydd.   Wales occupies the Western coast of Britain. Situated between  England on the ri (MORE)
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Where is south Wales?

  It's in Wales. I believe 'South Wales' refers specifically to the southernmost part of the principality.
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