Questions related to Wales, the mountainous country in the west of the island of Britain, which is part of the United Kingdom. It is known as Cymru in the Welsh language.

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How big is Wales in sq miles?

8,022 square miles.


How many cities are there in Wales?

There are currently 6 cities in Wales:

1. Bangor in north west Wales

2. Cardiff( the capital of Wales) is in the south east Wales

3. Newport in south east Wales

4. Swansea in south west Wales

5. St Davids in Pembrokeshire

6. St Asaph in north east Wales.

Learning a New Language

What are the basics of Welsh grammar?

Welsh Grammar is far from simple, and the rules are somewhat intricate, and confuse even hardened Welsh speakers. A few very brief basics are:

There Is No Indefinite article (a/an):

for example "A dog" would just be "Ci"

There are Three ways to spell and say "The"

When in front of a consonant, We use "Y"


If the noun is feminine Soft Mutation will take place.

So, "Cat" for example is a feminine noun which begins with a consonant. so "The Cat" is "Y Cath" before mutation. After mutation takes place, the noun becomes "Y Gath."

The Second is "Yr"

"yr" is used in front of a vowel and in front of h. Remember that "w" and "y" are vowels in Welsh.

So "Apple" Begins with a vowel in welsh, therefore, "The Apple" becomes "Yr Afal"

The Third is "'r"

is used after a word ending in a vowel - no matter whether the word which follows begins with a vowel or with a consonant. For example, The phrase "The Children Are" Becomes "Mae'rPlant"

Mutation occurs in these eight letters:


P is Written and pronounced as B

T as D

C as G

B as F

D as Dd (Th)

M as F

Ll as L

and Rh as R.


P is Written and pronounced as Mh

T as Nh

C as Ngh

B as M

D as N

G as Ng


P as Ph

T as Th

C as Ch.

It Is Useful to remember that in welsh the Adjective follows the Noun.

So, "The red Car" Would become " Y Car Coch." which translates directly as "The Car Red."

There Are Three exceptions, however the words are not overly common.

Hen (meaning Old)

Hoff (Favourite)

Prif (Main/Cheif)

So, "The Old car" Become "Y Car Hen." Which translates at the same.

As with French, Words are either Masculine or Feminine, as there is no way to distinguish, When learning the words, it is important to learn whether it is masculine or feminine, so you do not make a mistake when mutating.

These are brief basics, but some of the most important rules.

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All animals need somewhat regular food intake but hummingbirds have a very high calorie burn rate and need to eat almost nonstop.

In the ocean, Humboldt squid have a very high metabolism and need to eat a lot compared to other animals their size.


What county is mount snowdon in?

Since the local government re-organisation of 1998, the Park lies partly in the county of Gwynedd, and partly in the

in Gwynedd and Conwy


What is welsh for 'i am years old?

Dw i'n ..............insert age............. oed. Dw i'n means I am and refers to I, and oed means years. Said dew- een..................oi- d.

un -1 een like scr-een 11 would be un deg un

dau- 2 die Welsh numbers are said in tens then units

tri- 3 tree so 23 would be... dau deg tri....2 ten 3

pedwar- 4 ped- whar 74=saith deg pedwar

pump- 5 pimp

chwech- 6 ch-wear-ch

saith- 7 sithe

wyth- 8 oi-th

naw- 9 now

deg-10 deg

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What areas of the World speak Welsh apart from Wales?

There are Welsh speakers in the Patagonia region of Argentina, and undoubtedly in England, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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What do welsh people like to do?

Wesh people enjoy many hobbies, just like all other peoples. Some are more popular there, such as soccer.

National Anthems

Words to the welsh national anthem?

National Anthem of Wales

Hen Wlad fy Nhadau

(Land of my Fathers)


Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi

Gwlad beirdd a chantorion enwogion o fri

Ei gwrol ryfelwr, gwlad garwyr tra mad

Tros ryddid collasant eu gwaed.

Gwlad Gwlad,

Pleidiol wyf I'm gwlad,

Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau

O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau


Land of my Fathers, O land of the free,

A land of poets and minstrels, famed men.

Her brave warriors, patriots much blessed,

It was for freedom that they lost their blood.

Wales! Wales!,

I am devoted to my country.

So long as the sea is a wall to this fair beautiful land,

May the ancient language remain.


What is the animal on the flag of Wales?

It is a dragon.


Is Ruth Jones Welsh?

yes born in bridgend

English to Welsh
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What is the Welsh 'am byth' in English?

"Forever" is an English equivalent of the Welsh "am byth."

The Welsh phrase is used in the country's national motto: "Cymru am byth." The Welsh word "Cymru" is a noun that means "Wales." An English equivalent of Wales' motto is "Wales forever!"


Why is Pembrokeshire known as 'little England Beyond Wales'?

The southern part of Pembrokeshire has had an English speaking population since at least 1300, despite the surrounding areas all being Welsh speakers.


How old are you question and answer in welsh?

Faint ydy dy oed di? How old are you?.................said vine-t uddy da oi-d dee?

Dw i'n......insert age......oed. said dew eeen.............oi-d.

1=un eeen (like scr-een) welsh numbers say 10's first then units

2=dau die so 11 is un deg un 1 ten 1

3=tri tree 26 is dau ddeg chwech 2 ten 6

4=pedwar ped-wharr

5=pump pimp

6-chwech ch-wear-ch

7=saith sithe 100=cant

8=wyth oi-th

9=naw now

10=deg deg like peg

Languages and Cultures

What languages are spoken in Wales?

English and Welsh are the country's two official languages. English is spoken by close to 100% of the population and Welsh by around 20%. The use of Welsh in everyday life increases the further west and north one goes in Wales.
English is the predominant language in Wales although some 20% speak the Welsh language (Cymraeg) which appears to be growing in numbers. There are undoubtedly other languages spoken due to recent immigration.
Wales is bilingual so it has two languages it differs in some areas of Wales for instance in South Wales English is more dominant with it being on the signs first then followed by the welsh translation, but in North Wales Welsh is more dominant than English, for example the police in north wales is Heddlu then the English for police and in south wales police would in English first then in Welsh.

Note, Heddlu is welsh for police
English, although a small minority also speak Welsh.
The main language in Wales is English.
Welsh or Cymraeg is the national language of Wales spoken by about 22% of the Welsh population.

English is the most widely spoken other language.

Actually, only about 15% of Wales is able to speak Welsh. English is spoken by almost 100%.
I am welsh and so i would generally say that the national language in wales is welsh, even though i do not speak it myself. it has only recently been approved by the welsh assembly government to be an official language but now that it has it is the national language here.
The official languages of Wales are English and Welsh. Roadsigns are offered in both languages, and a native Welsh speaker has a legal right to use his own language for nearly all official purposes. (English is always acceptable, unless there is a specific need for Welsh).
The main language used in the country of wales is welsh and English
Around 80% speak English and 20% speak Welsh (Cymraeg).
Welsh is the official language of Wales but has been dying out until recent years when there seems to have been a increase in interest in the language..
The languages they speak in Wales are English and Welsh. About 20%

speak Welsh.
English is spoken by everyone but about 20% still speak the native language Welsh.

It is a Celtic language most closely related to Breton spoken in northwest France.

The language is more distantly related to Irish and Scottish Gaelic but they are not intelligible to a Welsh speaker. The language is called Cymraeg in Welsh.
People in Wales speak Welsh (20%) and English (80%).
People in Wales normally speak English and welsh but there is a lot of diversity of nationalities so I you can think of language it is probably spoken in Wales.
Normally Welsh and English but the country is cosmopolitan and therefore other languages are spoken but in a minority


How do you pronounce the Welsh name Esyllt?



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How many people lived in Wales in 2012?

approx 3 million

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What was life like in 1400's Wales?



How do you pronounce the Welsh name Cai?



What is the Welsh name for their language?

The Welsh word for "Welsh" is Cymraeg :)


Are the silures a dark skinned race?

Tacitus used the term "vultus colorati" which can mean either sunburned or dark-faced. He stated that they resembled the Iberians.

Religion & Spirituality
Welsh History

What is the main religion in Wales?

The Presbyterian Church of Wales is the largest denomination, followed by The Church in Wales ( Anglican), with the Catholic Church the third largest.


What is the capital of Wales?



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