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What is watermelon?

Watermelon ( Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus ) isa vine-like (scrambler and trailer) flowering plant originally fromsouthern a frica. It is a large,sprawling a nnual plant (MORE)

Where is watermelon from?

Watermelons grow on a vining plant in the warmer temperate areas with long enough growing seasons, and also in sub-tropical areas. It originated in the Kalahari Desert of Afri (MORE)

Why is watermelon called watermelon?

Watermelon is called Watermelon because its really juicy. Twi-warfan says: photo courtesy of USDA-ARS People have loved watermelon throughout the world for centuries. Egypt (MORE)

What is an watermelon?

a watermelon is a fruit that is green on the outside and red on the inside. i like watermelons! they taste like a juicy/crunchy penis!
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Can you get watermelons in England?

Yes. You can buy them in supermarkets where you buy the rest of your groceries.
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How does a watermelon seed grow into a watermelon?

at first, when u plant the seed, the embryo (baby plant) is still inactive. once you plant it, the embryo starts feeding off the cotyledons (food storage in the seed), and get (MORE)