02 GrandAM at startup the engine starts then stalls or engine starts then idles revs up and down you have to give it gas or it will stall After it runs for a few secs its ok Do I need Plug wires?

Please specify what model year and engine size, or just check for _vacuum leaks_ or a failed IAC. Note that a leaky intake duct (snorkel) from the air filter housing (or a clamp on same) is also a vacuum leak. A failed IAC cannot cause a stall if you press the accelerator (gas) pedal just a bit. Insufficient fuel pressure can also cause this sort of problem. Common causes for insufficient fuel pressure are a failed pump, leaky pulsator or pickup hose, low fuel level, active anti-theft immobilizer, or faulty fuel pressure regulator. A clogged filter can also lead to low pressure, but not at initial startup.

Check for vacuum leaks first. SRSly.