05 Honda crv lx awd gets lousy mpg 10 to 15mpg mix driving Honda dealer claims nothing wrong PS had new stereo and small power amp prof installed could this be the problem please help very disguisted?

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If you do a lot of stop and go drving, ie..city driving, you will get poor milage. Second Opinion I would go to another dealer for a second opinion--and then take that back to your dealer. My '97 CR-V, with almost 100,000 mi., still gets 21 mpg mixed driving. first the amp has nothing to do with it, the only way you would get that kind of gas mileage , you would have to floor it from light to light. i dont know your mileage, maybe its time for a major tune up, but alot of things can lead to poor gas mileage, dirty fuel system(injectors,filter) bad spark plugs, dirty air filter, low tire pressure,also using cheap gas, all can play a part in poor gas mileage. My Humble Opinion... I also have an 05 CR-V that was getting pretty crumby gas mileage. I managed to do a few changes that seemed to help a lot. First and foremost I had my tires checked. They needed some air and an alignment. Then I replaced my air filter (this is an easy do it yourself project). Then I replaced both cabin filters, also a nice do it yourself project. My local dealer was going to charge me $250 to replace the cabin filters. You can find a good video on You Tube showing you how to do it yourself for about $25. Now I have no way of knowing if everything helped to improve my gas mileage, but before the changes I was getting about 18 mpg. Now I get about 24. A HUGE difference with such high gas prices. Good Luck!
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