1968 Ford truck 360 2bbl carb is the 360 has a 390 crank and heads in it i need to know how to get the timing set and carb set can get the number one pistion top dead center with rotor act1 plug wi?

Your firing order is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8, your stock carb be should set at 2 turns out on each side of the front carb adjustment. Put the #1 cylinder at top dead center and verify that your balancer is set withing 3 degress of 0, then remove your distributer cap and verify the position of rotor bug is at at the begining of the #1 plug contact. Adjust your idle screw in just enough to see the butterflies in your carb move, then turn in 1/4 turn to get started (this will give you a high idle). Verify that all electrical, vaccum, Once you get everything set try to start engine. Once you get it started, lower the idle to around 1,000 rpm then set the timing with timing light to 10 - 12 degress, then lower idle 600rpm and redo timing. (this will allow you quicker adjustment without stalling the engine at low rpm). Once your locked in set the advance to around 35-36 degress by 2800 rpm.