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Look and see if it is driving anything else. As far as driving it without a belt, I would not advice you even attempt this. The steering would be extremely difficult and it would be dangerous. Buy a new belt and install it.

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โˆ™ 2006-12-24 03:12:34
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Q: 1984 Nissan Pickupcan you drive without power steering belt And is the belt just for the power steering?
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Is it illegal to drive without power steering?

It is not illegal to drive without power steering. Many people who drive very old cars do not have power steering.

Can you drive a 91camaro without a steering column?


Can you still drive a 1999 Ford Fiesta van without a power steering pump?

Yes, but steering will be harder.

Is it possible to drive a 1995 mercury villager without a power steering pump?


Can you drive your car without powerstearing?

To drive a vehicle with disabled power steering would be difficult and not safe for you and others.

Can a 2001 Honda Accord be driven without power steering pump?

Absolutely NOT. Without the P/S pump the steering will be extremely hard to turn and it would be dangerous to drive.

Can you drive your car with no steering wheel liquid?

Power steering fluid is needed to keep the power steering operating correctly. However in an emergency you can still steer the vehicle without power steering fluid, it is just really hard to turn the wheel without the power assist.

Is the Nissan 370z all wheel drive?

The Nissan 370z is rear wheel drive.

Can you drive without a serpentine compressor belt?

If you have a short belt that bypasses the compressor you can drive without air conditioning. If your belt is completely off, you can drive without ac, power steering, water pump and alternator for about a quarter mile before your engine overheats.

Can I continue to drive my mini cooper without power steering?

yes, but driving at slow speeds will be very difficult.

Can you drive a car without power steering working?

Yes, but it should be looked at as soon as possible. This is because it is a safety hazard. Vehicles that originally had power steering installed and then it fails does not drive like a vehicle that never had power steering. There is s direct relationship between the speed (or movement in reality) of the vehicle and the ease of turning it without power steering assist (or when your power steering is disabled). If you are at a stop for instance, turning the wheel is much more difficult then a moving vehicle and turning it and this should be taken into account when driving a vehicle without power steering.

Can you drive without serpentine belt?

You can drive for awhile without the alternator or power steering working but without the water pump working you won't get far without doing serious damage to the engine. So if that serp belt drives the water pump the answer is no.

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