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1988 Mazda rx-7 wont click or crank how do you get it to start?

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If the car has been sitting for sometime you may have carbon lock. Assuming the battery and the starter are good, you need to remove the spark plugs and squirt ALOT of WD-40 into the rotor housings. Let it soak for a few hours, then with the car in 4th gear, FIRMLY rock the car back and fourth to see if the engine budges at all.

As a safety precaution you should unplug the MAF sensor (the big plug going into the side of the airbox) while doing the following. Unplugging this sensor cuts the power to the fuel pump so no fuel will be in the engine.

If you can get the engine to move ( pulleys will turn as the car rolls), then try the starter again ( no spark plugs). You may only get incremental movement at first, so repeat the above steps until the engine spins freely. Then reinstall the plugs, reconnect the MAF, and give it a try at starting. You will get a lot of smoke from the wd-40 at start up, but that will clear.

If the the wd-40 doesn't unbudge the engine, you can try pouring Automatic Transmission fluidinto the plug holes and letting it sit overnight or longer, and doing the same thing as above.

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Which EGI fuse is the one to pull out when de-flooding a 1988 Mazda RX7?

The "EGI INJ" fuse is the right fuse to pull out. It will stop the injectors from shooting out fuel. After pulling the fuse out, crank engine for 15 seconds, rest, crank for another 15 seconds, rest crank for another 15 seconds, rest, put the fuse back and then crank. engine should basically start. if the engine is still not starting, take out the spark plugs and put oil around the seal,thread area and replace back. Do the same previous procedure mentioned The engine should finallly turn over now and start.

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It does not have one.

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I need a better description of the symptoms. 1. Does the engine crank (turn over) and just not start2. Does the engine not crank. Please describe exactly what is happening and I'll try to help.VBD

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