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1989 GEO Prizm AC coolant leaks inside on passager side?

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Bad heater core?

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Why do you smell engine coolant inside car but found no leaks?

Check your cabin air filter.

How to test expedition coolant system leaks?

How To Find & Fix Coolant Leaks

What is the cause of overheating if there are no leaks in the radiator no leaks in the hoses but the coolant spews up from the tank where the coolant is poured into?

Probably the thermostat is sticking.

What is wrong my 1997 Expedition has a leak at the back of the engine on the passenger side not inside the car but you smell coolant through the vents?

How To Find & Fix Coolant Leaks

What happens if radiator hoses burst?

The coolant leaks out.

What happens if the heater core breaks?

It leaks coolant.

Does the coolant sensor need to be replaced if there are no leaks and the coolant level is fine?

Only if the sensor is malfunctioning.

Why does temperature gauge go up and down?

Probably low on coolant. Have coolant system checked for leaks.

Signs of a blown manifold gasket?

Depending on what engine you have, Intake manifold; vacuum leaks, coolant leaks internal and/or external, oil leaks. Exhaust manifold; exhaust leaks, backfires.

What is wrong when a 1992 Honda Accord is losing coolant but has no leaks or overheating or fumes in exhaust and the thermostat and radiator fan work?

If it had no leaks it would not be loosing coolant. So therefore it does have a leak. It can be leaking in a spot where the coolant burns away before dripping on the ground. Also a blown head gasket is a possibility. Look for coolant in the oil. A heater core can leak. Do you smell coolant inside the car or are the windows fogging up or developing a film. You need to have a pressure test run on the cooling system and find this leak.

Can head gasket leaks destroy an engine?

yes, especially if the leak is causing coolant to leak, you can run out of coolant. then overheat.

What are the s symptoms of heater core leak?

Heater core leaks, depending on severity, may present with several symptoms which include fogging on inside ofwindshield with coolant residue (smears instead of evaporates when wiped), coolant or antifreeze smell in vehicle and otherwise unexplained loss of coolant from radiator reservoir.

What engine problems can occur if engine coolant leaks onto engine during thermostat repair?

If coolant leaks onto an engine it will cause no damage unless it leaks onto the alternator or into a wire harness connector of some sort. It is best to clean up leaked coolant as much as possible. It will smell a little when the motor is started. Leaked coolant on the ground is a danger to animals and children as it has a sweet smell but is very toxic.

When should the coolant tank be replaced?

When it leaks. If it ain't broke don't mend it

When your coolant leaks out in the front of the motor and overheats what is the problem?

it is probably your water pump

What does it mean if your diesel engine leaks coolant?

You have a failed gasket, seal, or hose.

Air condition leaks inside of car?

Leaks water? The condensation drain is plugged.

Why is oil in water in radiator on series 60 Detroit's engine?

* Failing head gaskets * Warped heads * Cracked engine blocks and heads * Coolant leaks to the outside of the engine through a breach between the head and block * Coolant leaks through the headbolts * Intake manifold coolant leaks * Overheating due to a cracked head or block * Oil leaks into the cooling system (Radiator) * Coolant leaks into the oil * Excessive steam and water from the tailpipe i know the 60 series pretty good and the first thing i would check is the oil cooler, if that checks out i would check the liner o-rings by pulling the oil pan off and pressure testing the coolant system

If Engine oil leaks from front of engine91' Prizm 1.6?

Check the valve cover gasket, if not that you may have a warped head.

Why is your 1998 Chevy Malibu LS leaking coolant from the left and right front of the engine?

have coolant system pressure tested and look for the leaks

Can water leaks make a car overheat?

If by water you mean engine coolant, yes. Loss of coolant, antifreeze, is a major cause of overheating.

91 accord leaks two streams of coolant from radiator when warmed up?

You need to fix these leaks or replace the radiator

What does it mean when coolant leaks from the water pump?

The water pump is worn out. Time for replacement.

Coolant leaks only when running?

Pressure test system to determine where leak originates

What causes overheating and no heat in a 1998 Plymouth neon?

lack of coolant, check for leaks.