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I would have the O2 sensor or sensors checked. They are usually what sends the signal to the PCM on how to set the fuel codes as far as rich and lean. If they are sending a good signal at cold, and telling the computer to richen the mixture and as the engine warms their signals should change to tell the fuel delivery table to begin to cut out fuel and go to a more normal mix. Yours may not be getting the warm code sent to the PCM and your fuel trims are staying on the rich side. Running too rich will foul up the O2 sensors and could ruin your catalytic convertors as well. Find the exhaust manifold and you will see the O2 sensors. They can be removed and take them to a testing place maybe Autozone and try to see if they are within specs.

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Q: 1990 Chevy pu with a 4.3 runs great cold then warms up and spits and sputters Any Ideas?
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What can you do if your hot water sputters and spits at the faucet?

You have air in your pipes and it needs to be flushed out.

Hey your Honda Civic spits and sputters when you give it gas what is that?

Possible clogged fuel filter.

Why a 110cc pocket rocket spits and sputters?

its possible your air/fuel mixture is too rich

Your 1996 Cavalier spits and sputters if you sit too long at a red light sometimes even shuts off anyone got any ideas as to what in the heck is going on here?

change your O2 sensor

1994 ford probe runs great for about 10 miniutes starts to lose power between 3000 and 4000 rpm kinda spits and sputters?

Alternator . check voltage

2003 Dodge Durango spits and sputters when it gets to 3500 RPM?

souds like a fuel problem not getting enough fuel.

97 Grand Prix 30 when the car is sitting still and you push the gas it runs great When you start driving it spits and sputters you changed the fuel filter what next?

Plugs, plug wires, vacuum hoses.

4.6 ford Expedition that spits and sputters bad you can't find anything?

have the fuel filter replaced. that cleared mine up when it happened.

Your 1994 Chevy S10 Blazer 4.3 V6 Vortex is running rough on take off it spits and sputters and a poof of black smoke comes out of the exhaust what could be wrong?

one of your problems could be in the injectors they maybe putting to much fuel.

Why does It spits and sputters and misses?

Could be several causes: Clogged fuel filter. Clogged/dirty fuel injectors. Spark plugs need changing.

1991 caprice classic runs smooth idling but spits and sputters when you accelerate?

it could be a bad vacuum line or it could be the the throttle position switch

On a 1991 Chevy 350 tbi if your injector wires are crossed will it still run but only with a spit and sputter?

no the engine would still run fine if it spits and sputters sounds like timing mine did the same thing when i changed intake manifold gaskets

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