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Does the Fuel Pump come on for 1-2 seconds when you turn ign key to RUN position? If it doesn't come on at all then 1st check for voltage down at fuel pump itself with a voltmeter. There is a gray plastic connector you can easily unplug down close by the pump and you want to check for voltage on the pink wire with the black stripe. I'm refering to the pump mounted on the frame rail, drivers side of vehicle. There is also another pump inside the fuel tank. Anyhow, there should be 12 volts there when you 1st turn ign key to RUN position. It will last 1-2 seconds then drop to zero. Then while cranking engine that wire should have 12 volts as well. If you don't get voltage there at that connector you will need to systematically check the wiring all the way from the battery, through the fuel pump relay, the inertia switch down to the pump. Do an OHM check on both pumps and make sure neither one is short circuited internally before applying power to them. If a pump was shorted internally, check the fuseable link to see if it got cooked and replace shorted pump with new. If none of that fixes it, then come back for more, cause that's just the beginning. Answer wiring to the pump or possibly fuel pressure or fuel pump

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need more info what are the symptoms

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