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Common problem for rodeos in fact there was a tech bulletin put out for problems with the sending unit but no recall issued. So i think you will need to replace the sending unit in the tank


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More than likely the fuel gauge sending unit located in the fuel tank is faulty.

on my 99 rodeo, this problem was caused by the fuel indicator located inside the fuel tank and part of the pump - you need to replace the entire pump which entails dropping the entire tank

The gauge could be bad, the fuel gauge sending unit in the gas tank as part fo the fuel pump could be bad you could have a bad ground wire you could have a broken wire in the harness runnign from the fuel tank to the gauge.

check the power to gauge and the temperature sensor (tps). if no power broken wire or short to ground. if power to both areas bad gauge.

No oil pressure - after checking with a manual gauge

Not always. You could have a conduit with 10 pairs of 14 gauge wire - not every wire in that bundle are going to be ground. Ground is usually identified as having a green coating on the wire ... sometimes it is just bare copper strands or a solid copper wire.

Float could be stuck in the tank or the ground wire on the tank is broke.

you drop the fuel tank and replace the sending unit

You may have a bad ground in that case, the ground is at the top of the gas tank or the float inside the gas tank could have sunk or got stuck. Check your wires going to and from it not have a power or ground could do it as well.

The rain gauge should be buried in the ground to prevent it from being toppled.The rain gauge should be placed in the buildings as the heat causes the water collected to evaporated.

You have a ground from the oil sender unit to the gauge. This is how you check a gauge. ground out the wire at the sender and it pegs out the gauge.

Either the sending unit in the tank quit, orthe fuse blew, if the gauge is at the extreme empty or full, that could be a faulty ground somewhere on the system

Mine was a bad ground on the gauge. Easy check by any certified mechanic.

Ground the power wire and have someone watch the gauge. If it goes to full then the gauge is working. Clean the ground connection and turn the key on and if it reads then it is okay. If not then you have a bad sending unit.

The fuel gauge could be getting improper signals from the fuel sensor. The sensor is located inside of the fuel tank.

Check the fuel gauge sending unit, located in the fuel tank. The sending unit could be stuck in the full position.

there is no ground in a car electrical system.

To avoid false readings due to rainwater running into the gauge from the surrounding ground.

Yes, it could but, in most cases the fuel gauge sending unit is at fault.

A corroded ground connection on the wires for the fuel tank harness can cause the gas gauge on a 1992 GEO to not work properly. The wires are located under the back seat inside the vehicle.

its proabley the float located inside the gas tank...could be stuck

it would be the fuel gauge relay or fuse located at or located in the vehicle.

There could be a glitch on the computer in the vehicle. There could also be a ground in the wiring harness that goes to the gauge lights.

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